Street Competition - 28th May

Charity Show - 3rd June

Adult Exam Session - 7th June

Street Show - Heroes - 8th June

Exam Session - 11th June


Tuesdays:  Boys & Girls Junior Intermediate Class (Age 6+).

Wednesdays:  Boys and Girls Street Stars (Age 2.5-5) and Boys Only Street (Age 6+)

Saturdays:  Boys and Girls Street Stars (Age 2.5-5)

Check out Class page for info! 


Wanting to join Starlight?  Our next term starts May 2017 & we'll be taking new dancers in to all classes then.  We do however, have spaces available in some of our classes all the time so contact us now to book your place! 

Become a Starlighter and become part of Starlight Dance.  A dance school that's also a community.  A place to dance, be free, be happy and learn in a safe, fun environment with qualified teachers who love what they do! With classes for girls and boys from two and a half years old upwards and adults too - you're never too young or too old to take up this fabulous hobby!  
As they say, 'leave a little sparkle wherever you go' - join Starlight today and learn to shine! 

Find us on Instagram @starlightersek

Starlight Dance - dance by Jennifer J Connolly M.B.A.T.D.